Connecting HT801/HT802

The HT801 and HT802 are designed for easy configuration and easy installation, to connect your HT801
or HT802, please follow the steps above:

  1. Insert a standard RJ11 telephone cable into the phone port and connect the other end of the
    telephone cable to a standard touch-tone analog telephone.
  2. Insert the Ethernet cable into the internet or LAN port of the HT801/ht802 and connect the other
    end of the Ethernet cable to an uplink port (a router or a modem, etc.)
  3. Insert the power adapter into the HT801/HT802 and connect it to a wall outlet.
    Power, Ethernet and Phone LEDs will be solidly lit when the HT801/HT802 is ready for use.
    Figure 5: Connecting the HT801/HT802

For Further assistance with the HT80X ATA Please see the Download Guide