Thank you for visiting Burleigh Technologies inc and giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you the kind of services we offer. 

Website Building/Ecommerce and computer Repair is what the founder has learnt and have been given freedom to be on hisown and do as much as many work he can do for people, so that led him in bringing up Burleigh Technologies inc on 06/01/2018 dues to the huge and massive experience he has gotten.

Have you been searching for a trusted Website builder and computer repair service providing company? Am really glad to tell you that an end has come to your search! Because those are the area we specialize on.

You are at Burleigh Technologies inc ,we provide robust computer repair services to our customers, not only that, we provide low cost and high quality repairs on all sorts of Computers and we also build website here!

Moreover, our pleasure is customer satisfaction, our customer service doesn’t end once the service(s) is provided, so we provide full follow up after we render our service(s); we will guide you through all the process of the service(s) provided.

We provide full customer support, and that has been our pride and we will continue our mission of providing people with high quality repair services.

We are very new to the market with that said we are looking to give our customers a great deal to assist them with all their computer or website needs.

Below are the other services we offer:

➢ We sell Build computers, Computer parts. We can build a computer for the client to meet there requirements.

➢ Services we offer is Logo design

➢ Website Hosting

➢ Ecommerce Design

➢ Phone and tablet Repair

➢ Computer Repair

➢ Website maintenance

Whenever you have a computer you need to be repaired or a website to build or maintain, just get to us and let us know as soon as possible, unlike many other businesses, our online business portal is open throughout the year and we promising you that we going to render the best service(s) you will forever cherish.

For any call or information you can give us a call on ***********************